Spring has officially begun(1st Sept) although I consider Spring to be ‘official’ on the equinox. It is a time,nevertheless when the climate changes and gardening...

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The best time of the year to pull these invasive wattles is during the winter when the soil is moist. We choose to hand pull rather than use poison which is harmful to the...

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Mulching Magic

Magicians have wands, doctors scalpels and gardeners have mulching machines. Our spells improve soil by adding mulch, liberally, which imitates the effect of a forest floor. Rich...

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Earthworm Farms

Earthworm farms come in all shapes and sizes as a result of our endeavours to create ergonomic systems that satisfy the requirements of earthworms and our production results.  I have used natural and recycled materials.

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Earthworms For Sale

Earthworm production starts with eggs…..

Earthworm Organics  supplies seeding medium for domestic earthworm farms and for larger systems.

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Landscaping and Gardens

Earthworm Organics has been using vermicompost and leachate in landscaping and garden maintenance for a number of clients.  I will be publishing a portfolio of current and past projects on these pages.

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Happy Client

Happy Client Pty.Ltd

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