Quentin Green’s Earthworm Organics

Quentin, an artist, began gardening as a creative outlet and a nurturing activity and soon became interested in organic, permaculture and bio-dynamic methods.

I attended a compost making course at KEAG, Kommetjie, and was hooked on compost making. I moved from Cape Town to Stanford with my family and worm culture/compost. In 2003/04, I began my worm farm and simultaneously worked in the vegetable garden at Camphill, Hermanus.

In 2005, I began Earthworm Organics, a project which I hope to maintain and develop sustainably and profitably. My aims are:

  1. To provide training and employment
  2. To have a low carbon footprint
  3. To provide organic food for the community
  4. To host school groups and gardening groups at my farm
  5. To plant as many trees and shrubs anywhere I can
  6. To provide myself with an income

So far…

I have achieved my aims by:

  1. Recycling ‘waste’, producing soil rich in humus
  2. Doing landscape projects such as Riverside in Stanford, Gateway Lifestyle Centre in Hermanus
  3. Garden nurture and design work
  4. Marketing of vermiculture products such as leachate, vermicompost, red wrigglers and castings.
  5. Providing basic training in sustainable organic cultivation methods for vegetable and home gardening.
  6. Selling plants from my nursery and propagating plants for my projects.


Earthworms are annelids: worms in which the body is divided into segments internally and externally

Young Wriggler

Young Wriggler

  • Eisenia Fetida are commonly known as red wrigglers or compost worms.
  • Wrigglers are epigeic living at the interface of the soil and deposits of decaying plant matter and animal residues.
  • Earthworms constantly recycle natural and organic waste.
  • Earthworms excrete castings enhanced with growth hormones and beneficial soil bacteria improving soil structure, fertility and productivity.
  • Earthworms oxygenate , increase the organic matter  and sequester carbon  dioxide in the soil.
  • Earthworm Organics  is a project  for earthworm farming and farming with worms.