Fynbos in the rain

Posted by on Aug 21, 2013 in The Green Life

Fynbos in the rain

Winter brings replenishing water, icy winds and seasonal flowers. A frosty magic moment revealed some interesting aspects as I passed this scene.

A francolin, endemic to the region and bullied for territory by guinea fowl, makes his way into the undergrowth. Above him a drama is played out by the parasitic Cuscuta (witches hair/dodder) draped over a keurboom tree. The dodder grows from seed and the proceeds to grow over and feast on its host plants.

Between are the radiant yellow flowers of leucospermum cuneiforme a delightful shrub with intricate flowers. Certainly a fine choice for a Fynbos garden as it thrives in Cape soils, attracting many birds and giving a splash of colour before the spring revival.


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