Hello world!

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Hello world!

Hi – welcome to the new Earthworm Organics blog and website. I’m Quentin Green and I’ll be posting loads of info here about earthworms, organics, farming etc.

Take a look around and don’t forget to give me feedback by commenting on the posts!

Red Wrigglers

Red Wrigglers


  1. Hey Quentin – great to see you’re finally on the WWW! Enjoy!

  2. Quen,

    This is great, seriously. I am very proud of you and more than that – we all need great organic alternatives and so this is an idea who’s time has come or has come back depending on how you look at it!

  3. hi Quentin…was looking up something and came accross your site…amazing to see that you are getting the message out…I shall be there to visit the worms in september…

  4. Hey Quen,
    Cool site and righteous business idea! Good on you Bru!

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