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Conscious people value water in the critical times we are experiencing. We are filling our buckets with roof harvested rainwater and adding earthworm leachate to drench and nourish recently planted trees.
Using leachate harvested from a waste fed system and using captured rainwater raises the sustainability of trees planted in a parking lot.
Future shade, wind breaks and bird sanctuaries will contribute to a balanced environment and will offset some of the carbon footprint.

BB photot by Quentin

BB photot by Quentin


  1. We have an abundance of rain here for about 6 months out of the year!

    In my region there are no council or government imposed water restrictions, unlike other family member who live in other areas around Australia.

    I think leads to me being alot more wasteful than I should be.

    I often wonder whether or not it is possible in the grand scheme of things to utilise some of the water that we get here in the territory and distribute to regions who have little to no rain for years on end!

    Great informative post, thanks for sharing!

    Miss Lou

  2. Dear Louella, thank you for the interest. Water is so precious we all need to be conscious of the pending scarcity of free, healthy water and create ways to share. Q

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