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The essence of my endevours is to create develop a sustainable earthworm project.This may seem quite a mouthful so let me elaborate.

I have been applying worm technology to my work in order to be able to achieve and co-operate with the worms.They live industiously in the litter layer beneath trees and in other such organic rich environments, Their food supply{ waste supply} is bountifully supplied by the biome in which they live. So on a macro scale, because humans go bigger I have begun to create a biome with a good supply of matter for my, captive and free range worms.

I prefer not to rack up ‘food miles’ sourcing waste to feed my wrigglers, so I have been planting plants, which through trial and error ,I have ascertained to be excellent foodstock.I have chosen plants which grow with minimum inputs and successfully in my climate and soil zone.

By taking this path and seeing the results which also includes applying worm technology:mulching and planting with vermicompost I have realised that we gardeners have an opportunity to plant our own garden of Eden.Today.earthworms need water

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